Patient of the Week

"Without the support of Chiropractic USA'S team, this journey would not have been easy! They have created an environment where it makes the patient feel welcomed and part of the family."-Theresa Vellone

 "Chiropractic care allows me to live life with less pain and no unnecessary medications." Before becoming apart of CUSA'S family, Theresa suffered from knee pain and TMJ for roughly five long years, she had been going to her family physician who had prescribed pain medication and physical therapy. Unfortunately for Theresa this gave her little to no relief. Finally Theresa found chiropractic care through some of her good friends and family members of CUSA, Nancy and Bill Greenhalgh. Theresa says, "Nancy and Bill Greenhalgh are to thank for my pointing me to the road of recovery." 

 As a very active woman you can imagine how issues such as hers could affect her activities. Theresa enjoys softball, walking her dogs, scrapbooking, reading, and playing with the many children she has in her life. When we asked her how the enjoyment of these activities has improved since she has been under chiropractic care? She said, "It has improved so much since the reduction of my pain. I do them all more now since my abilities have increased."

We are all encouraged by Theresa's story and how much chiropractic care has impacted her life. May we never leave our loved ones home to suffer from subluxation!