Shonde Family

Family of the Week
The Shonde's

Imagine designing a lifestyle that helps other people, and realizing you can barely take care of yourself because you are living through a haze of pain. Sadly, she dealt with this pain for about a year until she could barely walk. In fact, she ended up using crutches just to help her get around. Having two children, this situation was intolerable. Her pain was affecting every aspect of her life both personally and professionally. Linda suffered from extreme lower back pain which was progressively getting worse. Seeking relief Linda turned to physical therapy, trigger point injections, and eventually medication, getting little to no help!
Finally one day a very good friend of the family and a member of Chiropractic USA's family, Pat, told her of the amazing care she received from Dr. Bob. Linda took her advice and came to see Dr. Bob. What a difference health has made in her life!
 Linda was so pleased with how she was healing she brought her children in to be part of our family as well. The entire family gets adjusted together and is doing remarkably well. Linda is back to work (yeah) and enjoys all the pleasures in life she loves the most. She and her two amazing (and adorable) kids are able to play at the park.  She is back to doing the other things she loves which is walking and exercising. Linda says, "I am so grateful for my progression and enjoy the sincere care my children and I receive here, we look forward to seeing Dr. Bob and the team every week."

We are so Proud of you Linda for Your Heart and Discipline