Patient of the Week

Meet the AT&T Wireless Professional!

As a hardworking young man, Shaun is on his feet for hours and hours every day helping us with our cell phone needs, you can imagine how that can put stress on a spine over a period of time.
 Shaun began suffering from constant back and neck pain from his daily activities. When he was injured in a recent gym incident where he pulled the muscles in both his neck and back, he knew he needed to get some help. Remembering his good friend Priscilla (a member of CUSA'S family and Patient Services Manager) speaking about her wonderful chiropractor Dr. Bob, he decided to take her advice and get a spinal check up.
 Now just 8 months later he can enjoy all of things he loves most such as, working out, fixing up his house, and snowboarding.
 Shaun understands that just because he is feeling better does not mean his subluxations have been corrected, which is why he continues to stay on track with his adjustments to keep his body in its natural healing rhythm.
Shaun says, "I no longer get injured, and can sleep much better because I have less discomfort. I'm able to do the things I like to do more, because I have less pain."