Patient of the Week
Always Movin' and Groovin'

Rita and her family became patients almost 20 years ago. Since starting care she has a special glow about her that lights up even the darkest of rooms. Initially experiencing pressure in her low back, neck, arms, mid back, shoulders, and her left hip, she knew she needed to get some serious help before the pain inhibited her from doing what she loves. Rita understands how important is to stay on track with her schedule so her body is on a natural rhythm, and she does so every month. Enjoying many things such as reading, exercise, dancing, traveling, and being with her friends and family, she is now able to do with little to no pain. Rita says, "I feel it has made my overall health and well being better and therefore, I live a healthier lifestyle. I don't have as much pain so of course it makes life much more enjoyable." Rita knows she has a unique problem and that she has chosen a unique office that can bring her to wellness, naturally and effectively. She told us, "The staff here is so helpful and always cheerful, thanks especially to Priscilla for her patience."

It is truly a gift when someone joins the family of chiropractic. Thank you Rita for showing the community what chiropractic can do. Chiropractic is said to be the best kept secret but with patients like Rita it won't be a secret for long!