Mindy and Aiden Johnson

Mindy’s own words about her son Aiden's changes since chiropractic were so powerful we knew their story could impact hundreds of lives around them!  Here is their story. Mindy knows children are vibrant, loving gifts from God but imagine struggling so much with your child that it caused “intense frustration, stress and fear over his behavior.” Mindy told us Aiden’s behavior had gotten so bad they were getting kicked out of Sunday school, play groups, and even family members weren’t comfortable watching him. Mindy and her husband prayed frequently that God would show them the answer. Mindy was driven to find the right answer; she discussed proposed options with her parents, pastor, friends and even his pediatrician. Everyone agreed that Mindy’s vibrant son Aiden would likely be diagnosed with a type of ADD or ADHD and be prescribed something like Ritalin. Mindy and her husband “DIDN’T WANT THAT!”

Mindy was told by Aiden’s doctor he would “just out grow it.” However Mindy knew deep down that his aggression and unprovoked attacks on other children were not normal and she was not willing to just wait until he hurt someone else’s child to look for help. Then help came in the form of Mindy’s great friend Melissa. Melissa and her girls had been patients of Dr. Bobs for a few months. While at the office one week Melissa overheard a discussion of pediatric treatment, and asked Dr. Bob he thought he could help. He said yes and so she suggested the idea of bringing Aiden in for a consultation right away. Mindy told us, “I was skeptical, but Melissa assured me that Dr. Bob was great and I had nothing to loose.”

Mindy’s account of Aiden’s first treatment gave our staff chills. Mindy told us, “After seeing the results of Aiden’s exam I was devastated. The x-rays Dr. Bob took showed that his C-1 vertebrae was completely impacted into the base of his skull and was causing him constant pain. Since he had likely suffered the injury during a severely traumatic birth experience, he had never had a moment NOT in pain. At 2 ½ he didn’t know enough to explain the suffering. I felt terrible but Dr. Bob was confident he could treat Aiden successfully. He adjusted Aiden that day and I remember crying in the office after Aiden responded by exclaiming ‘Mommy! I feel all better now!”

Now Aiden loves to play and is constantly busy at the park, hiking, bike riding, and zoo trips. He and his family love to be outside and are continually active! Mindy said “Now that Aiden is been under regular care for over 6 months our lives have changed dramatically. Not only are we able to enjoy activities with our son we are finally getting to know his true personality. We had only known Aiden as sad, angry and aggressive. Now we have discovered he is smart and funny. He is an extremely loving little boy who now snuggles, hugs and kisses constantly. He is consistently happy, plays, laughs and smiles all the time. Dr. Bob not only help Aiden physically he has allowed our son to finally become the person he was designed to be. It’s like being introduced to our son for the first time.”

Mindy and Aiden have truly been a gift to our Chiropractic USA family. Aiden’s laughter fills our office with love and joy every time he walks through the door. Now with Aiden’s growing family and the newest addition of his new “baby sister” we are so excited to call them all our family.

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