Patient of the Week

Meet Our Champion Synchronized Swimmer!

"Chiropractic care helps me excel in my sport, it helps me have more energy and feel better all around. Even when I come in to get an adjustment in a not so good mood, I always leave the office in a much better one! I feel re-booted like a human computer."
-Kaitlin Stains
 Kaitlin first came to Dr. Bob when she was just six years old, her mother Pam, had been a patient for several years and wanted to set her daughter's nervous system up for success. Both Kaitlin and Pam have an amazing understanding of chiropractic wellness care, and are adjusted on a regular basis to keep their bodies running optimally. Kaitlin says, "It keeps my body healthy and heals injuries that I might get from my tough sport."
 Kaitlin started her amazing synchronized swimming career when she was just 8 years old. She has gone on to compete in many competitions over the years and has had great success. Now at the age of fifteen Kaitlin has taken first place in Nationals, second place at the US Open, and many more. As a young woman she has high goals for herself and is planning on competing in the 2012 Junior Worlds and the 2016 Olympics.

Congratulations Kaitlin! We are so proud of you, for not only your accomplishments and goals, but for your impact on our community of how chiropractic allows your body to heal itself.