John Paul

Patient of the Week
John Paul

At Chiropractic USA we consider ourselves a family. Our goal is for you as a patient to reveal your stories to our chiropractic family. So that we may better understand your life's uniqueness, and the miracles chiropractic has brought to you. We hear of miracles EVERY DAY, it's those miracles that pump the healing power of chiropractic into our communities hearts. As the esteemed patient of the week you have the opportunity to share your miracles with everybody! This weeks POW award goes to John Paul. JP has been selected and invited to share his story with you, as a source of comfort and encouragement! We would like everyone to share in his dynamic experiences just as we have.

This is JP's Story…

 From a motorcycle accident years ago where he crashed head first into the ground at 40-50 MPH to sore knees and ankles from basketball and soccer injuries, JP keeps pushing the edge to live life with a passion. After the motorcycle accident, he knew that he needed to find something to subdue the constant pain. He decided to forgo so many of the medical routes that our society usually recommends to "fix" the pain.  He saw his physician who explained to him that it was natural to be sore and in pain after such an accident, and prescribed medication.
 JP has been under Dr. Bob's care now for almost 5 years and was referred by none other than Dr. Bob's own daughter Heather, who he has been long time friends with.
 JP leads a very active life. He enjoys motorcycle riding, soccer, wake skating, and basketball. He told us, "Chiropractic allows me to continue doing the things I enjoy, even after years of not taking care of my knees, ankles, and lower back. Since chiropractic care it does not take as long to recover from new injuries, which allows me to enjoy my activities multiple times a week."

It is truly a gift when someone gets "The Big Idea" of chiropractic. Thank you JP for showing the world what chiropractic is said to be the best kept secret, but with patients like JP it won't be a secret for long!