Patient of the Week

Congratulations to Glorianne!  She has been selected as our Chiropractic Patient of the Week for her magnificent progress and dedication to her health and wellness!

Initially, Glorianne came into our office to pick up tickets for a play from Jeanine, who is a long time friend. She was experiencing pain in her Neck, Mid-Back, and Lower Back for years and sought out treatment in the form of medication, Bowen therapy, massage, and physical therapy all of which did not correct the problem. After being in the office for a short while, she loved the feel of it and decided she should make an appointment.
After Dr. Bob thoroughly evaluated her, she was found to have significant subluxations in her cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back) and lumbar (lower back) regions.  Her weight was shifted 16 pounds over to the left side.  After about 4 months, her weight imbalance was down to only 7 pounds and nearly normal. Glorianne officially became a patient on January 8th, 2007 and has been on the road of wellness ever since.
Appreciating chiropractic the way she does, she turned to Dr. Bob for help when the health and well being of her sixteen year old grandson Scott was in jeopardy. Doctors had diagnosed him with Crohns disease as well as several other things, his health was decreasing rapidly and it seemed as if there was no hope. Glorianne knew she had to do something so she brought Scott to Dr. Bob. It has been about 4 months now and Scott's health as increased dramatically; he is gaining weight and is getting better and better every day.
Glorianne says, "Chiropractic has made everything more enjoyable." She is able to do all of the things she loves the most, such as genealogy, working, and just having good fun.
Our office wants to thank you Glorianne for showing the world what chiropractic can do from one family to the next. Chiropractic is said to be the best kept secret, but with patients like Glorianne it won't be a secret for long!