Patient of the Week

What if your child was told they had Scoliosis?

Christina had suffered from
Scoliosis since she was in 5th grade…
This is her story…

 Before seeing Dr. Bob I was constantly in pain. Gymnastics was nearly impossible, due to my weak ankles and wrists. I couldn't even walk through the mall without experiencing massive amounts of back pain. I was only in fifth grade and I had to give up my favorite hobbies due to my scoliosis.

 Along with chiropractic care I saw a spine specialist, who put me in a back brace that restricted nearly all of my movement. The treatment was impractical and didn't help me at all. My mom had been seeing Dr. Bob for a long time and brought me in once my back pain worsened.

 Chiropractic care keeps me going and made it possible for me to be involved in my favorite activities. I love to dance, play beach volleyball, do gymnastics, and cheerleading.

 I no longer have to deal with extreme amounts of pain and discomfort on a daily basis, so activities have become less of an impossible feat.

               Christina, you are such an amazing young lady.
             Please accept our greatest thanks as you are an
             extreme example of wellness to this community!