Bourez Family

Family of the Week
     The Bourez's
      A Flowing Family Wellness River!
        Introducing: Mother: Leea, Father: Walter &       Children: Aquilan, William, & Luke

This Family sure knows how to bring laughter and energy to the office here at Chiropractic USA. This is an extremely active family which even before finding Chiropractic engaged in a lifestyle filled with health and vitality. The family all enjoy different sports such as martial arts, hiking, wood working, yard work, and horse back riding.

As a young child Leea suffered from chronic back problems and has a mild scoliosis, she believes that chiropractic care is a must and that your body is to be maintained by a chiropractor in order to keep your power flowing. Leea says, "It allows me to continue my very active lifestyle. Dr. Graykowski's physical therapy experience has greatly benefitted me in the exercises that he has provided."

Suffering from neck and low back pain for 10-15 years Walter was eager to have a check up with Dr. Bob. Knowing the success his wife Leea had gotten he had hope that one day he too would be pain free. Today Walter is a very active man and is able to keep up with his three children and wife. Walter says, "I have more energy, I sleep better since beginning treatment, I'm not sore after being active, I have a greater desire to keep fit now that back pain is not in the way of what I like to do."

Thank you Bourez Family, for showing what the community what Chiropractic Wellness Care can do for a family!