I often look at the things that have created wonderful changes in my life. I am daily grateful for many of them. For my amazing husband and children I am grateful for daily.

Several years ago I went to a seminar that Dr. Deepak Chopra was at. Being in the healthcare field for almost three decades, my husband, Bob, and I were very happy to be there. That program gave me the tools to change (certainly ‘course correct’) many things regarding my health.

Healthy living has been a part of my life from a young age. Those principles have been a part of my families daily lives as our children were growing up. Yet the Ayurveda principles I have learned have helped me simplify my health and get stronger using natures rhythms and principles.

I went back to school and graduated through the Perfect Health Program with Dr’s. Deepak Chopra and David Simon. As a Perfect Health Instructor I have been blessed to help so many other families, including my own.

If you are here as part of the journey, thank you. I look forward to sharing our expressed ideas, and our lives.

I welcome you to Ayurveda and the solutions the journey might bring to our lives.

Interested in seeing how Ayurveda can harmonize your life? Call me today at (916) 973-1661 to join us for a workshop, retreat or to set up one on one Perfect Health coaching!

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About YOUR Coach:

Jeanine Graykowski is the founder of Creating Perfect Health. Teaching around the world over the last 25 years, Jeanine has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars, and camps in health and personal development. As a Certified Perfect Health Instructor by Dr. Deepak Chopra she has the ability to teach others simple solutions for lasting change. She understands that too often we are given recommendations on our health based on the generic. What works for one clearly does not work for all. Jeanine creates insight on ways to reduce stress while having a sense of wellbeing, improve nutrition, and exercise based on the time tested principles of what works for the individual and that can benefit any person at any age. Whether you want to know which diet and behaviors are best for you or you want to live a life that promotes an evolution of consciousness, living a life in balance can be the key to living a vital lifestyle. Jeanine lives in Carmichael with her husband Dr. Robert Graykowski. Together they have worked side by side raising a family and working together since 1985 making a measurable difference in the lives of the community.