Meet the Doctor

20120210_Graykowski_0018.jpgDr. Robert Graykowski founded one of the largest wellness offices in the greater Sacramento area since 1985. He specializes in family wellness, exercise rehab, spinal corrective care and one of the few chiropractors working with head trauma injuries.  His practice has helped thousands of families overcome challenges in their health and everyday lives.  A devoted husband, father and chiropractor, he is the author of the novel Camp Silverheart.

In 2012 he launched his Camp Silverheart health and vitality retreats. Dr. Graykowski has produced TV shows, spoken around the world on success, health, and wellness.  A vital community supporter and recipient of Business Persons of the Year, he and his family have donated 1000’s of pounds of food and clothing to help the homeless and families with children who need help and hope.

It is part of his global vision to inspire others to discover their natural gifts, expand their brilliance, and live a healthy lifestyle to reach their full potential.  His passion is to make a measurable difference in the lives of families in his community.